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Country of Origin | Director | Running Time | Film Block | Screening Time


Germany | Simon Begemann | 19:32 | Quirky Shorts | Sun @3pm

Would you want to live another life?
A rich old man uses all his money to get his mind and soul transferred to an artificial young and healthy body that he may use for eleven years, while his old body is kept  safely in a cryogenic vessel. He meets a young woman and falls in love with her, so he hides the truth. But what will he do when his eleven years are over?


USA | Matthew Gentile | 18:12 | Musical Shorts | Wed @7pm

When an emotionally self-destructive rock star starts to lose his hearing, his personal and professional lives begin to unravel.


USA | Thomas de Maleingreau | 4:30 | Animated Shorts | Sun @5pm

Grounded is the heartwarming story of an old pilot who decides to teach his pet goose how to fly, and together they embark in his last great journey.


Canada | Andrea Cristini | 2:48 | Animated Shorts | Sun @5pm

Three ghosts, representing three different generations, keep a portrait of themselves as the unique sign left of their own identity after death. Two of the ghosts have an analog portrait (a black and white photography and a painting), while the third one has a digital portrait contained within a computer. Soon they will experience the obsolescence of technology, which will challenge the preservation of memories and data through time.


UK |Magnus Lenneskog | 8:35 | Animated Shorts | Sun @5pm

An animated chamber play set during the darkest days of the year in a Stockholm apartment block. A hardworking (and damn good) postman tries to do his job but the building and its tenants are not making it easy for him. The film sits somewhere in between dream and reality and just happens to draw inspiration from the filmmakers own experiences as a postman in this particular area.


Germany | Clemens Roth | 10:00 | Quirky Shorts | Sun @3pm

Peter is being followed by killer bees, Elsa collects exotic flowers from all over the world. To be together, they both have to overcome their fantasies. But what if love itself is nothing but fantasy?