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Tickets for Feature Films can be purchased at the door for $10 or in advance for $10 plus fees HERE. Online ticket sales will be available starting on July 14 and on-line sales will be discontinued one hour prior to the screening. General Admission seating is first come, first served, so please allow plenty of time to grab a beverage and a good seat with time to spare before the films begin. If you would prefer a reserved seat, you can purchase a VIP Pass and really help support the festival!

This is a volunteer run film festival. Every dollar generated goes towards our minimal expenses and bringing as many filmmakers and composers to Knoxville as possible. Thanks in advance for your support and enjoy the festival!

Adele and Everything After

Thursday, July 27 at 7pm

USA | Melissa Dowler | 85 minutes | Documentary Feature | Scruffy City Hall

The moving story of a lonely, isolated woman with a heart condition, whose life is transformed by a service dog, and what happens when she has to let go of the loyal companion who changed her life.

After the film there will be a short Q&A with director Melissa Dowler and Producer Tom Dowler as well as the subjects of the film Marty Harris and of course, Hector. We will also have a representative from Canine Partners for Life on hand who will be brining a demo service dog that it’s ok to pet!

Special thanks to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for their help in promoting the screening.

Sponsored by Rescue Doc Films

No Roads In

Friday, July 28 at 7pm

Canada | Josh Wong | 79 minutes | Documentary Feature | Scruffy City Hall

Sound engineer Adam Naugler was fascinated by a nearby abandoned homestead.

Hunkered against battering winter winds, adrift on summer wheat seas, the building was so forgotten the road in had long faded. Yet, year in and out, the building seemed, like a beacon, to call to him. A call to what?

The moment he stepped inside, Naugler felt the answer to this question in the sound of his own voice. Amongst the cracked plaster, torn floorboards, and bare windows open to the raw prairie, Naugler heard acoustic perfection.

After the film there will be a short Q&A with Producer Adam Naugler and Composer Blake Reid. If we’re lucky, Blake just might play us a song or two!

Sponsored by WDVX and WUTK

When to Die

Saturday, July 29 at 3pm

USA | John Paul Pacelli and Justin Miller | 95 minutes | Documentary Feature | Scruffy City Hall

When to Die is a feature length documentary that examines the legacy of the United States Civil War through the eyes of reenactors. The documentary is an in-depth look into the phenomenon of Civil War reenacting, and how it both reinforces and challenges larger cultural trends that are – to this day – defined by the aftermath of the Civil War.

 After the film there will be a short Q&A with Director’s John Paul Pacelli and Justin Milller and Composer Jordan Lewis. The films’s two main subjects, Steve Fratt and Jake Jennette will also be in attendance. Following the screening there will be a discussion of the making of the score with Jordan Lewis moderated by Paul Jones.

Sponsored by Jupiter Entertainment

The Crest

Saturday, July 29 at 6:30pm

USA | Mark Christopher Covino | 88 minutes | Documentary Feature | Scruffy City Hall

Two descendants of an Irish king journey to an island where he once presided-not to reclaim the land, but to surf the waves

After the film there will be a brief Q&A with Composer Darius Holbert.

Sponsored by Gage Models & Talent Agency

Actors of Sound and Foley Artist

Sunday, July 30 at 4pm

Foley Artist | Spain  | Toni Bestard | 18 minutes | Narrative Short | Scruffy City Hall

A sound technician who specializes in Foley effects has an accident that forces him to stay home for a few days. During that time the attractive neighbour across the street becomes his new sound muse. With shades of Hitchcock’s Rear Window, this is a creepy delight.

Actors of Sound | USA | Lalo Molina | 82 minutes | Documentary Feature 

From footsteps to bone cracks, Foley artists bring films to life with their imaginative sound effects, but as digital technology goes full speed ahead in 21st century moviemaking, can Hollywood’s low tech Foley artist survive in this high tech age?

After the film there will be a short Q&A with Director Lalo Molina

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Paper Lanterns and Cloud Kumo

Sunday, July 30 at 7pm

Cloud Kumo | USA | Yvonne Ng | 15 minutes | Narrative Short | Scruffy City Hall

Cloud Kumo recounts the tragedy of the Hiroshima bombing through the intertwined tales of Satoko, an atomic bomb survivor, and her granddaughter Reiko. We follow them on a poetic journey that reveals the inner strength and hope in humanity.

Paper Lanterns | USA | Barry Frechette | 60 minutes| Documentary Feature

On August 6th, 1945, among the tens of thousands who lost their lives in the bombing of Hiroshima were 12 American POWs. Shigeaki Mori witnessed the blast and survived, but was forever changed.

Paper Lanterns explores Mori’s lifelong calling to tell the story of not only the many Japanese victims of the bomb, but of Normand Brissette, Ralph Neal and the ten other US airmen caught in the hell on earth of that day.

The story takes us from Lowell, Massachusetts to Harrodsburg, Kentucky to Hiroshima revealing what happened to Mori and the 12 US airmen. Paper Lanterns sheds light on how the war impacted families in both countries, and how one man rose above the hatred of war to heal the wounds of those terrible days.

After the film there will be a short Q&A with Director Barry Frechette and Composer Chad Cannon.

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