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Tickets for Short Films can only be purchased at the door for $10. General Admission seating is first come, first served, so please allow plenty of time to grab a beverage and a good seat with time to spare before the films begin. If you would prefer a reserved seat, you can purchase a VIP Pass and really help support the festival!

This is a volunteer run film festival. Every dollar generated goes towards our minimal expenses and bringing as many filmmakers and composers to Knoxville as possible. Thanks in advance for your support and enjoy the festival!

Eye Candy Shorts

Thursday @9pm | Scruffy City Hall

One Small Step | Animated Short | Bobby Pontillas | USA

What does it take to achieve your dreams? An ambitious young girl endeavors to realize her aspiration of becoming an astronaut with the support of her humble father.

Killer Smile  | Narrative Short | Camille Ma | USA

A single mother sacrifices everything to protect her baby boy, who is born with a deadly smile that would kill anyone he smiles at, except herself.

Saturn Voyager | Animated Short |Iuri Araújo and Guilherme Araújo | Brazil

A traveller when faced with his anguish and frustration decides to leave the desert where he lives to embark on a trip to Saturn. In pursuit of understanding the meaning of his life, he goes through cosmic dimensions to face his own ghosts and to attain a personal light for the mastery of his unique universe.

Dolly.Zero | Music Video |Ugo Bienvenu | France

Dolly and Silvio are in love for ever.

Jonas and the Sea | Animated Short |Marlies van der Wel | Netherlands

Jonas and the Sea is an animated short film about a man who casts aside everything in pursuit of his dream. A dream we all share: the quest to find a place we can call home, even if it’s underwater.

Happy | Music Video | Alice Saey | France

People should be happy. Even this Egyptian goose, who tries to cast a spell on us with a seductive dance. Its gracious and clumsy movements captivate us. But it’s not the only one to master the dance. Three flocks of geese each led by their guru goose also share the pond; all of them torn between their desire to express their own individuality and the urge for group behavior. Soon the water begins to rise. Never mind. The geese will keep on dancing for us until they drown.

CRI – Rush | Music Video | Didier Charette | Canada

Set at The Wall, a miner’s residence in subarctic Fermont, Quebec, “Rush” opens with the sound of the whipping wind and closes in on the lives of its mostly male inhabitants, including teens who kill time by playing pool, riding bikes indoors, and snowmobiling. The track itself sounds like the tandem rhythms of pulse and breath, both quickening as the song progresses.

It’s a Bird Thing | Animated Short | Sylvain Bonnet  | France

In the underworld of the favelas, Aaron, a little boy, lives a wretched and lonely life. Until the day he sees a wonderful bird flying overhead. At this moment, a strong desire to escape his constrained life stirs deep in his heart. He will do his best to achieve his goal: flying!

True North | Animated Short | * George Bowler  | UK

On the long journey home, a fisherman comes upon the wreckage of a ship and rescues a small boy that he finds asleep in a barrel. As a mysterious storm descends he senses the arrival of a sinister presence.

*  Student Film

Lacrimosa  | Narrative Short | Tanja Mairitsch | Austria

The young girl Mila wakes up in an unknown world full of mysteries. On her journey through ever changing surreal landscapes she meets her lost lover Theo. Mila has to learn that love also means to let go.

The Burden | Animated Short | Niki Lindroth von Bahr  | Sweden

An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story is divided into four episodes that takes place in a supermarket, a long term hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant. All of the settings are located in a modern, generic market place next to a large freeway.
The characters, portrayed as animals, perform musical numbers with singing and dancing.
The episodes varies both in story and mood, and spans from cheerful tap routine to nightmarish black.

Sola  | Music Video | Jonathan Nix | Australia

As the world collapses around them, humanity walks on oblivious, compulsively editing selfies and updating profiles.

Dramatic Shorts

Friday @5pm | Scruffy City Hall

Lawman | Narrative Short | Matthew Gentile | USA

1875, Indian Territory.

Bass Reeves, is the first African-American to be deputized by the U.S. Marshal service. His wife, Nellie Jennie Reeves, tries to persuade Bass not to leave for his own safety, but Bass argues that it’s the best job he can get to keep a roof over his family’s head.

When Bass charges into the desert, he engages in a shootout with two outlaws, Maha and Glen Huddleston, also African-American. Bass kills Maha in the gunfight, and arrests Glen, ordering him to carry Maha’s body across the desert back to Fort Smith.

Over the course of their journey, Glen questions Bass’ choice of career and tries to psych Bass out in an unorthodox attempt at escape, a tactic that works as Bass begins to question his own mind in regards to the idea of justice and choosing to fight for a law and a country that may never fight for him.

Hero |Narrative Short| Andrew and Nate Garcia | USA

Two quarreling brothers set out on an adventure in their neighborhood and discover what it means to be a hero.

Aurora | Narrative Short | * Brian Niles | USA

A girl named Ava searches through a vast forest in an attempt to find her sister Lily.

*  Student Filmmaker

We Forgot to Break Up  | Narrative Short | Chandler Levack | Canada

After a few years absence, Evan unexpectedly returns one night to face his now-famous former bandmates. The surprise reunion is bittersweet, in this intimate depiction of the knotty complexities of relating to old friends after everything has changed.

Composer Murray Lightburn will be in attendance.

Venus Fly | Music Video | Claire Boucher  | Canada

While most scientists agree that the universe began with a “Big Bang” that sent an entire universe of cosmic matter spiraling outwards from a single atom, they disagree on how it will end. One possibility is that all matter will continue to careen outwards into the abyss until every star burns out and every living thing dies, leaving only darkness. Another concept of a “Big Crunch”, wherein all matter eventually reverses course and converges once again at the center of the universe, where everything started. An endless cycle of death and rebirth. “Venus Fly” is a visual exploration of that concept

Krieg | Narrative Short | Jeff Fry | USA

Tasked with locating a French Underground transmitter, an elite German SS unit commits atrocities against their Partisan prisoners. Shamed by his involvement, one officer is compelled to leave camp and seek out the transmitter on his own hoping that, by finding the radio, he can prevent further crimes. He discovers a downed American aircraft and, in a twist of fate, finds redemption by delivering the wounded bombardier to the very enemy for whom they are searching.

Director Jeff Fry will be in attendance.

Good Son  | Narrative Short | Juan Francisco Ferre Garcia | Spain

When obedience blinds its parents, it transforms a child from victim to executioner…

Documentary Shorts

Saturday @2pm | Scruffy City Hall

A Stable Mystic | Documentary Short | Randal Crow | USA

Jesse Frazier is a man of few worldly possessions but has a wealth of wisdom for living life.

The Sad Monk | Documentary Short | Diana Frankovic | Germany

In Western culture, when we find ourselves in crisis, it’s natural to question our existence and the meaning of life. We are suffering; we want to change.
Eastern philosophies, yoga, and meditation are keys to happiness, or so preach the countless Western adherents of these far Eastern practices. Buddhism is one path to enlightenment. Following this path to Nepal, we meet the young Tibetan Buddhist monk, Tenzin, representative of a new generation, who is grappling with recognizable questions of modern life. The insights we garner from observing Tenzin unveil universal human flaw: the obsessive pursuit of happiness. The Sad Monk takes a look underneath the surface of a distinct and idealized environment; the holistic upbringing and rhythm of life in the monasteries of Nepal. We have something to learn from his story.

Lotte that Silhouette Girl | Documentary Short | * Carla Patullo and Elizabeth Beecherl | USA

Once upon a time,
A young German artist changed the world of animation
With shadows, light, and a pair of magical scissors.
Her name was LOTTE.

Before Walt Disney, there was a trailblazing woman at the vanguard of animation. Influenced by folktales and legends, Lotte Reiniger was a tour de force of creativity and innovation: she invented the multiplane camera and created the first animated feature. This stunning film explores the life and times of a woman who is finally being given her due.
– Eileen Arandiga, Canadian Film Centre

So with music, magic, and a stirring narration by Lotte Reiniger herself, LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE tells the fairy tale story of one of animations’ biggest influencers.

* Alumni Filmmaker

The Boatmaker | Documentary Short | Casey McGarry | USA

In the late eighties, architect Ken Minor bought the plans to build a 30′ Bristol Channel Cutter wooden sailboat. His dream was to sail around the world. In 1991, he began construction on the boat in his backyard. He even built a barn by himself to house the operation. There isn’t one square inch of the boat that Ken hasn’t constructed by hand, helped design, or installed himself. Everything is custom. There are parts and materials on the boat from around the world.

After 25 years, Ken has finally completed the project and is ready to bring the boat down to the water. “The Boatmaker” is a story about a man, his boat, and what it takes to fulfill a life dream.

Balancé | Documentary Short | Paul Griffin | UK

“Balancé” is a short documentary telling the story of working ballet dancer, Laura Purkiss. She is a soloist with Birmingham Royal Ballet with a unique difference; she is also Laura Tye; mother of two.

The portrait of Laura not only affirms the difficulties of balancing everyday family life with the hard work and dedication it takes to dance with a world class ballet company; but seeks to uncover the social challenges in returning to the work place after child birth.

Laura fell in love with ballet at the age of 8, a reluctant beginner who found it difficult to fit in at first but with family support and natural ability went on to ballet school in London 8 years later and soon after found employment with Birmingham Royal Ballet, where she continues working as a Soloist.

In this time Laura made the tough decision to start a family, a rare thing in the ballet world. Her two children were both delivered by caesarean section. With family support and Birmingham Royal Ballet, Laura has returned to work and to the requisite fitness to continue performing at a top level.

A day in life for Laura is not easy, but she maintains a steadfast approach to her family and career. Laura shines a light on the important things in life and sets an important example to her daughters by revealing what it takes to be a 21st century working mother.

Down & Dirty | Documentary Short | Ori Segev | USA

Down & Dirty follows the three-part music group, New Thousand, as they travel and perform around New Orleans, shedding light on street performance and busking culture of the rich and historic city.

From street corner politics to vibrant live concert footage, Down & Dirty captures the spirit of New Orleans street performance through
the eyes of a band that risked everything for their musical dreams. To survive and thrive in the streets, getting down and dirty
is the only option.

Director Ori Segev will be in attendance.

Death Metal Grandma | Documentary Short | Leah Galant | USA

97-year-old Holocaust Survivor, Inge Ginsberg, rose to fame as a songwriter for legendary musicians such as Doris Day, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole.
DEATH METAL GRANDMA follows Inge Ginsberg’s journey to break out as a performer of death metal music and as she prepares for an America’s Got Talent Audition. The short documentary interweaves the rich personal history of Inge’s life as she attempts to merge her personal lyrics with the contemporary genre of Death Metal.

Quirky Shorts

Sunday @2pm | Scruffy City Hall

Posers | Narrative Short | * Sean Thiessen | USA

Posers is a coming-of-age creature feature from Missouri State University’s Electronic Arts program. On Halloween night, Derek and his ragtag group of mismatched friends accidentally awaken a shapeshifting monster that threatens their reputations–and their lives.

*  Student Filmmaker

The Wedding Song | Narrative Short | Thia Schuessler and Rex New | USA

When bride-to-be Mae hits a wall writing a song for her future husband, she solicits the guidance of her musician friend Johnnie, who helps her find the inspiration she was lacking.

Be Able | Music Video | Ma-Ké | France

A bitter sweet paper-cut delirium about medias and consumer-driven society.
Some psychotic cats, a dripping tv post, teenagers high on antidepressants, a postcard beach with shipwrecked bodies, immortality according to google, and references such Pink floyd, Yves Klein, John Lennon and A clockwork Orange.

Imaginary Friends | Narrative Short | Jason C. Brown | USA

A short comedy about a woman, her imaginary friend and the strained relationship between them.

Jennifer is an impetuous young woman with a laundry list of petty problems in her life. Her issues are pretty ordinary. She dislikes her job, her relationship is on the rocks, oh, and she has an imaginary friend whom she has absolutely nothing in common with.

Our film follows the unusual life of Toogie, an imaginary friend assigned to Jennifer, as he struggles to deal with his imaginary friendship with Jennifer and his real friendship with other imaginary friends.

This unlikely pair seeks help from Jennifer’s therapist, Dr. Skochine who, while well intentioned, is ill-equipped to deal with this type of couples therapy.

Composer Jonathan Brennan will be in attendance.

lettersEHO | Music Video | Aga Jarząb | Poland

“letters.EHO” is based on visual score which was originally 16 mm cameraless animation. Link for the score: https://vimeo.com/189052626.
Each frame of the film (lasting 1/24 of a second) inverted horizontally, became the graphic representation of one second of sound.

Still Moves | Narrative Short | Daniel Freeman | USA

Edison Jones, a small town street performer and visual artist, meanders through life while trying to build The Experimental Institute of Eastern Californiart. Through the lens of a documentarian, we see Edison in his hometown of Nevada City, California and later on a reflective road trip to Reno, Nevada.

Spanish Onion | Music Video | Brian Neong San | Australia

A vegetarian spaghetti western music video starring an unlikely hero.

Proclamation Punctuation | Narrative Short |Sewra G Kidane | USA 

“Proclamation Punctuation” is an enthralling fashion film centered on a fabulously fascinating woman reciting a short soliloquy paying homage to her love for using exclamation points in her missives. Periods are so period, where as an exclamation point livens up a sentence! There is simply nothing worse than a long dragged out sentence ending in an uninspiring dull dot! So when exclamation points are your philosophy on life, one must always keep it on the up beat!!

Bathed in Sunlight – Fort Atlantic | Music Video | Jon Black | USA

A one-take single-shot music video underwater for the song Bathed In Sunlight by the band Fort Atlantic. Filmed in Portland, Oregon under medical supervision.

Mixtape Marauders | Narrative Short | Peter Edlund | USA

MIXTAPE MARAUDERS follows two young burnouts, Patrick and Cheech, into a world of mindless day jobs, petty drug deals and wildly unconventional musical tastes.