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2016 Season:

“Love Scruffy City Film & Music Festival!
Out of all the events I attended with my doc, The Smart Studios Story, this was the most enjoyable for me because of the people. Thank you Michael, James, Bonnie, Faith, Doug and everyone who made me feel so welcome in Knoxville. I will definitely be submitting my next doc to Scruffy City!”

– Wendy Schneider, The Smart Studios Story

 “They treated our premiere like a world-class gala. Everyone involved in the festival is warm and hilarious, communication was incredible, they set us up with housing and transportation. Couldn’t have had a better experience.”

– Ethan Warren, West of Her

2015 Season:

“Big Up to Michael Samstag for putting on an amazing festival last week. We saw great films, met amazing people and heard great music. The festival is a hit from programming to atmosphere. So proud Selling Rosario was included in the line up with so many great films. Thanks to programmers, jury and audience.”

– Michael Winokur, Selling Rosario

2014 Season:

“Much like a wire-haired terrier, the Knoxville Film & Music Festival is scruffy and full of energy! KFMF is hosted at Scruffy City Hall which offers a unique opportunity to not only experience great films and music, but also break bread with filmmakers and musicians in the same venue. Our team at JAOPRO enjoyed meeting filmmakers from East Tennessee, New York, LA, and even Croatia. We look forward to seeing the East Tennessee community gather together in 2015 to make the Knoxville Film & Music Festival bigger and better than ever.”

– Alex Oliver, Voyage

“The Scruffy City Film & Music Festival put on an incredible film festival. The filmmaking team of “Blackout: On Swan Pond” were delighted to receive the “Best Film” award in the 2014 festival.

The festival provided incredible press and made us feel ‘at home’ the entire week. Having the festival at Scruffy City Hall made it that much more intimate. I think combining music and film is a clever approach to a festival. The atmosphere was super fun, yet professional. Very different from the often stuffy environment of a typical film festival.

Michael Samstag and his team worked very hard to create a welcoming environment for filmmakers to come together and share their stories. And as filmmakers themselves, they understood the importance of high-quality projection and a comfortable environment for the audience. They delivered.

I highly recommend this film festival for filmmakers who are looking for a unique experience.”

-Scott Colthorpe, Blackout: On Swan Pond

“I’ll always remember the Scruffy City Film & Music Festival for hosting my most memorable post-film Q&A discussion ever–on the phone as my bus was late for my own screening. It was genius. And Michael Samstag and Co truly made the best of a challenging situation. All programmers should be so willing to adapt; I’ll always think highly of Knoxville Film & Music for that.”

– Jeff Krulik, Led Zepplin Played Here

“Michael and the team were fantastic to work with. Everyone was really hospitable, and our food and lodging were taken care of. It was a real treat having our film play here!”

 – Josh Itzkowitz, Jammed!

“There’s nothing like the Scruffy City Film & Music Festival in Tennessee, where Top producers, directors, actors, editors, musicians, artists and other professionals share their love for the film and music with screen junkies and music lovers from all over the world in an indescribable laid back fashion.

It’s an event you have to attend in order to have that experience of warmth and welcome.

The Scruffy City Film & Music Festival is like a huge family reunion where even though you’re there for the first time you feel loved in a way you’re supposed to be loved visiting your grandparents. The big daddy Michael Samstag and his team put so much heart and soul into every detail regarding the festival that every moment spent on this festival feels like Christmas!

There’s that excitement, excellent films, great bands, DJs and most of all beautiful audience!”

– Damir Ludvid, Papaya!