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2016 Closing Film: A Song for You: Austin City Limits Story

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USA | Keith Maitland | 97 minutes | Sun 5/1 @7pm | Scruffy City Hall Tickets $10 at the door For more than 40 years now, Austin City Limits has been the essential live performance show on television. Take a look at how this iconic program began and thrived along with Austin's music scene from the 1970s through [...]

2016 Opening Film: The Smart Studios Story

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USA | Wendy Schneider | 90 minutes | Wed 4/27 @9pm | Scruffy City HallThe post-70’s explosion of independent music in America has many traceable roots, each with a compelling story. One of its most significant has never been told until now. Drawing on never-before-seen archival footage, in-depth-interviews with musicians and producers, and a mighty soundtrack, [...]

2016 Headlining Film: Born to be Blue

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USA | Robert Budreau | 97 minutes | Fri 4/29 @9pm | Regal Cinemas Downtown West Tickets $15 at the door Ethan Hawke lights up the screen as jazz legend Chet Baker, whose tumultuous life is thrillingly reimagined with wit, verve, and style to burn. In the 1950s, Baker was one of the most [...]

2016: First Look at the Lineup!

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Try thinking about the movie “Jaws” without the soundtrack. Its impossible. John William’s impending theme of doom became it’s own character and without it, memorable lines about needing a bigger boat would have merely floated away and the term “Blockbuster” would have been saved for something later. The intrinsic role music plays throughout our favorite [...]

2015 Winning Films

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Best Films With over 380 films submitted, getting into the festival this year was an accomplishment in itself but we are so proud to announce our Film Score and Scruffy City Film & Music Festival Award Winners! BEST STUDENT FILM The Emotional Dimensions of the James River BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT The Little Deputy BEST NARRATIVE [...]

2015 Feature Films Announced

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Knoxville, TN. FILM SCORE and the Scruffy City Film & Music Festival are poised to bring Knoxville an exciting week of film and music from April 28 - May 3, 2015. We are proud to announce our selection of films for our Feature Film Competition. The six films were chosen from over 380 submission from 30 [...]

An Interview with the Festival Director

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From FestivalReviews.org Matthew Toffolo interviews festival director Michael Samstag: Matthew: What is the goal of your film festival? Michael: Our goal is to shine a bright light on the heart and soul of film—the songs and scores that really make films sing. Any film selected for the festival must have a stand out soundtrack or [...]

Director of Programming, James McNally

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We are so pleased to have James McNally back for a second year! Last year James was a judge for the film festival and also made some great film recommendations--so this year he's generously agreed to come on board as the Director of Programming. Under his guidance we have developed a Selection Committee of nearly [...]

2014 Full Schedule

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Seating  Procedures for KFMF Film Events Doors open one hour in advance of showtimes for Full Festival, VIP, Filmmaker, and Ultra VIP Pass holders. 20 minutes prior to the showtime, we will begin seating guests with General Admission tickets. Once ticketed guests have been seated, we will begin selling tickets at the door if there is [...]